A person of size?

Are You a Person of Size?

Obese. Overweight. Fluffy. Fat. Whatever you want to call it, you usually know it when you’ve got it. It’s not just a pesky 10 pounds making you self conscious in your bikini (oh the horror!)

It’s what keeps you from getting on the floor and playing with your kids like you want to.

It’s what keeps you out of the mainstream clothing stores you’d rather shop.

It’s what keeps you out of breath when you walk up a flight of stairs.

And sometimes, it’s what keeps you from holding your head high when you walk into a room of people.

People of Size truly GET what this feels like. We are people that need to lose a minimum of 50 pounds, and more typically 100+ pounds. And even when we get to our goal weight range, we are still People of Size, because it’s about a mentality, not a number on a scale.

Successful People of Size have lost significant weight, but understand we all need the accountability of like-minded people to stay on track. Square One is the first comprehensive health club designed specifically for People of Size.